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ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

The ASP.NET 5 framework videos.

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An Overview of ASP.NET 5

Recorded with the beta 6 release, this video highlights what you need to know to get started with the new project files and .NET frameworks. this.
ECMAScript 6 (a.k.a. JavaScript.Next, Harmony)

ECMAScript 6 is the next version of JavaScript. Each video in this collection of short videos will highlight a specific feature of ES6.

The videos are currently developed using Traceur, the JavaScript.next to JavaScript-of-today compiler. I compile the files on the fly using a grunt watch task and load them into a Jasmine test runner.

To see the current support for ES6 in various JavaScript engines across the client and server, take a look at the ECMAScript compatibility table

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Arrow Functions

Arrow functions are a short, succinct syntax for building functions in ES6. Not only do they make for more powerful functional code, they also help inside of callback by lexically binding this.

Template Strings

Template strings will make it easy to build strings, localize strings, and sanitize HTML. A marvelous addition to JavaScript!

Rest Parameters

Rest parameters make functions with a variable number of arguments easy, readable, and safe!

Default Parameter Values

There is a new syntax to provide default values for missing parameters.


The spread is syntactic sugar we can use to "spread" an array across function parameters, or into an array literal.
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