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Debugging With Visual Studio

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A basic introduction of the debugger features for those new to the F5 key.

The debugger in Visual Studio 2005 is an amazing piece of software. You can debug C# and C++, Visual Basic and VBScript. Step over managed code, native code, mobile code, and T-SQL code. You can debug locally, or you can debug remotely. You can debug assemblies hosted by SQL Server, and JavaScript hosted by Internet Explorer. There is just-in-time debugging and Just My Code debugging. You can step into XML web services and into XSL transformations. The debugger has data tips, and data visualizers, breakpoints and tracepoints. You can inspect threads, modules, memory, and call stacks; you can view both local and global variables.

If you have a bug you can’t track down with Visual Studio, you’ve got yourself a real sticky problem.