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.NET Core Opinion 13 - Commit Your Scripts

Monday, April 22, 2019

In a previous post, I suggested you think of your ASP.NET Core application as a command line tool you can use to execute application specific tasks. In an even earlier post, I suggested you keep scripts related to development checked into source control. I think you can see now how these two posts work together to make everyday development tasks automated and easy.

The command line renaissance gives us a wide range of tools we can use to speed up .NET Core development. Here are some of the tools I've been using recently, in no particular order:

  1. Various dotnet global tools, including dotnet-cake, dotnet-t4, and dotnet-rimraf

  2. The Windows Subsystem for Linux, because it opens up an entire universe of standard tools, like Curl

  3. The Chocolatey package manager

  4. mssql-cli

mssql-cli autocomplete

  1. Azure CLI and aws-shell