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Major Updates for my Building Secure Services in Azure Course

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I’ve completely reworked my secure services course from scratch. There’s a lot of demos across a wide range of technologies here, including:

Docker Containers

  • Building ASP.NET Core projects using Visual Studio and Docker containers.

  • Deploying container images using Docker Hub and Azure App Services for Linux

  • Setting up continuous deployment for containers

Automation and Azure Resource Manager

  • Using ARM templates to deploy and provision resources in Azure (infrastructure as code)

  • Setting up Azure Key Vault

  • Storing secrets in Key Vault for use in ARM templates

Microservices and Container Orchestration

  • Using the new IHttpClientFactory and resiliency patterns for HTTP networking in ASP.NET Core

  • Container orchestration using Docker compose

  • Creating and using an Azure Container Registry (ACR)

  • Deploying multiple images using ACR And Compose

Cloud Identity

  • Creating your own test instance of Azure Active Directory

  • Authentication with OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Azure Active Directory

  • Securing APIs using Azure Active Directory and JWT tokens

  • Invoking secure APIs

  • Setting up an Azure B2C instance and defining your own policies

  • Securing an application using Azure B2C.

Note: this updated course is an hour shorter than the original course. Pluralsight authors generally want to make courses longer, not shorter, but I learned how to tell a better story this second time around. Also, the Docker story and tooling is markedly improved from last year, which saves times.

Building Secure Services in Azure

I hope you enjoy the course!