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New Course on Building Secure Services with Microsoft Azure

Friday, July 28, 2017

My latest course on Pluralsight cover a range of topics centered around building secure services.

The first topic is software containers. I’ll show you how to work with Docker tools to run .NET Core software in Windows and Linux containers, and how to deploy containers into Azure App Services.


We’ll also look at automating Azure using Resource Manager templates. Automation is crucial for repeatable, secure deployments. In this section we’ll also see how to work with Azure Key Vault as a place to store cryptographic keys and secrets.


The third module focuses on Service Fabric. We’ll see how to write stateful and stateless services, including an ASP.NET Core Web application, and host those services in a service fabric cluster.


Finally, we’ll use Azure Active Directory with protocols like OIDC and OAuth 2 to secure both web applications and web APIs. We’ll also make secure calls to an API by obtaining a token from Azure AD and passing the token to the secure API, and look at using Azure AD B2C as a replacement for ASP.NET Identity and membership. 


With this course I now have over 14 hours of Azure videos available. You can see the entire list here: https://www.pluralsight.com/authors/scott-allen

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