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The Evolution of JavaScript

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I fired off an abstract titled The Evolution of JavaScript without giving a thought as to what it means for a language to evolve. After all, a language is not a living organism where Mother Nature applies the dispassionate sieve of natural selection against the replication errors in DNA. Wouldn’t a programming language rather fall under the viewpoint of intelligent design?

How can intelligent design explain the gap?


There is no formula to apply in moving a language forward. There is emotion, beliefs, and marketability. When the committee abandoned the 4th edition of the language, the language found diversity in pockets of community. jQuery showed us how programming the DOM can work when the API is consistent. Node showed us how to scale JavaScript and run outside 4-sided HTML elements. The cosmic impact of Steve Jobs exterminated natural predators, allowing natives like threads and sockets to emerge.

JavaScript is not a flat road in a planned community at the edge of the water. JavaScript is a Manhattan boulevard serving the enterprise and the pedestrian, angled to equal the constraints of terra firma. Always busy, bustling, dirty, and full of diversity, we can only hope the future doesn’t move too fast. Slow evolution has been good despite the frustrations. Don't listen to the slander, coriander, and mind the gap.