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Working With Aurelia

Monday, April 6, 2015


I’ve been chipping away and contributing to the Aurelia project the last couple months.

When Rob introduced Aurelia earlier this year, I took one look at the code and had a moment of déjà-vu. The Aurelia code base was the code base I saw in a feverish dream one night in early 2014 when I first started digging into the ES6 specification. It’s a beautiful code base building on the newest features of the JavaScript language, features like module and classes, and the code is a dramatic demonstration of just how different and wonderful the new world and the new paradigms can be.

On top of ES6, Rob has added the “Eisenberg Effect”,which is to say the framework is modular, extensible, testable, and favors convention over configuration. You’ll recognize many patterns if you’ve used Durandal or Caliburn Micro in the past.

Best of all, the APIs are crafted to make life easy for the developer instead of the framework authors.

Expect more Aurelia coverage in the future. Next up will be “Hello, World!” with Aurelia, ASP.NET 5, and Visual Studio 2015.