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Azure WebJobs With Node.js

Monday, April 7, 2014

Azure WebJobs are background services you can run in the cloud. The experience is easy and smooth. Scott has a thorough overview in “Introducing Windows Azure WebJobs”. 

In a previous post we looked at using JavaScript to read messages from Azure Queue storage.  We can use the code from that previous post in an Azure WebJob by creating a run.js file. WebJobs will automatically execute a run.js file using Node.

var config = require("./config.json");
var queue = require("./queue")(config);

var checkQueue = function () {

var processMessage = function (message) {   
    if (message) {        

        // processing commands, then ...

        return queue.deleteMessage(message);

var processError = function(reason) {

var setNextCheck = function () {
    setTimeout(checkQueue, config.checkFrequency);


Aimagell that’s needed to deploy the job is to zip up run.js with all its dependencies (including the node_modules directory) and upload the zip into an Azure website. 

The above code expects to run continuously and poll a queue. You can configure each job to run continuously, on a schedule, or on demand in the Azure portal. Azure will store any output from the program in a log file that is one click away. 

Another Useful Link

How to deploy Windows Azure WebJobs by Amit Apple is a behind the scenes look at how to deploy a web job using Git or FTP.