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New C# Generics Course

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

csharp genericsMy new C# Generics course on Pluralsight includes topics for everyone.

For beginners:

- Why generic types are useful.

- A demonstration of all  the concrete collection types in System.Collections.Generic

- How to build basic generic types (generic classes, generic interfaces, and generic delegates).

For intermediates:

- How to apply generic constraints (including what you can and can’t do with constraints).

- How to cleanup generic code (remove those ugly type parameters from business logic).

- How to use built-in generic delegates like Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, and EventHandler.

On the advanced side:

- How to refactor covariant and contravariant interfaces out of an invariant generic IRepository interface that works against the Entity Framework.

- How to use reflection to discover generic parameters and generic type definitions, as well as build generic types and invoke generic methods in late bound fashion.

- How to build an IoC container with a fluent-ish API that supports nested dependencies and unbound generics.