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Downloads and Links from DevConnections 2009 Orlando

Monday, March 30, 2009

The ASP.NET Connection show in Orlando was a fantastic event. Thanks to everyone who came to a session. Here are the slides and demos for everyone who asked for them.

What ASP.NET Developers Should Know About JavaScript


In the last half of this session we re-factored a dashboard type application with an eye towards using properly abstracted JavaScript code. The dashboard page was loosely based on the code from my Extreme ASP.NET column in the March MSDN Magazine: Charting with ASP.NET and LINQ.

Part of the refactoring process was removing all signs of JavaScript from the .aspx file to achieve the separation of behavior and markup that defines “unobtrusive JavaScript”. If you give JavaScript the focus it deserves, it can love you back.

Other links:

scott allen devconnections orlando 2009Advanced LINQ Queries and Optimizations


LINQ is inherently more about productivity and expressiveness than performance. We talked about how to avoid unnecessary performance penalties with LINQ, some non-obvious optimizations, and the first optimization you should make - optimizing for readability.

Other links:

Databinding With Silverlight


A little Blend, a little XAML, a little Visual Studio.