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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Haiku is a popular poetic form that has evolved over centuries. Restku is Haiku with a  twist.

crystal pixels
get brighter
an abundance of excitement

The twist is that the author of a Restku is restricted to using a single verb from this list: get, post, put, and delete. Although traditional Restku insists on present tense usage of the four verbs, adventurous  authors will mix in past tense, future tense, and on occasion, present perfect tense.

unexpected dialog
a “progress” bar
vista has posted the bad news

Although Restku was inspired by REST, a software architecture style,  there is no reason an author can’t frame concepts from outside the world of information technology into a Restku.

weathered glove
humid skies
put on a childhood dream

Relax your mind with the mental stimulation of writing a Restku today, for tomorrow is still a mystery.

four hundred and four
electrical neurons
delete her memory