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Talks You Won’t See At the Local Code Camp

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Lost Art of TSR Programming
: Return to the glory days of DOS 2.0 and INT 21h as we write a simple Terminate and Stay Resident application using the latest software development techniques. We will construct our x86 assembler code using test driven development and mock extended memory managers.

Why Am I Here On A Saturday?
Abstract: Because even if you weren't here, you'd still be at the computer. Don't think you'd be doing chores at home, like dusting off the entertainment center, because chores are boring.

Life of a Gnat
Abstract: This session has nothing to do with GNU software, but will describe (in excruciating detail) the journey of the common fungus gnat from egg to adulthood. Pictures of mating swarms may not be appropriate for younger attendees.

P.S. In all seriousness, the spring code camps are coming to the Mid-Atlantic and the topics are far better than the ones presented above.

CMAP Code Camp – April 12th in Columbia, MD

NoVa Code Camp South – March 29thth in Woodbridge, VA

Richmond Code Camp – April 26th