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ASP.NET MVC and User Group Fun

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I did a couple user group presentations this month on the new ASP.NET MVC framework. This post is a follow-up with all the links I promised to publish.

My first presentation of the year went to the Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals in Columbia, MD. The turnout at the meeting was tremendous – I'd say well over 100 people were in attendance. It didn't hurt that G Andrew Duthie was giving away free copies of Visual Studio 2008 as part of the Microsoft Installfest, and the catered food was a lot better than the typical pizza-in-cardboard user group fare.

Best of all, I walked out of the meeting with a new 8 GB Zune 2 (thanks to a winning raffle ticket). Many people tried to tell me that it's not fair for the speaker to win the grand prize raffle, but I pretended not to hear them and then slipped out quietly before the mob turned ugly.

My second presentation went to the BaltoMSDN group in Hunt Valley, MD. Imagine going to a wine tasting and having a technical presentation break out. That's what BaltoMSDN is like, because they have their meetings in a private room at the Greystone Grill. Bacon wrapped sea scallops and Belgian beer on draft go well with code, I must say.

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