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ALT.NET in Baltimore and D.C.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Matthew makes the announcement in a blog post:

So, you may ask yourself, there are already groups out in the DC area, such as CapArea.NET, RockNUG, CMAP, DC XP Users group among others. They are great user groups that put on a lot of great events that I have attended time and time again and at some point presented at one of them. It's my belief that this group can supplement them nicely and help each other out. Many of these groups spend a lot of time talking about the new things coming from Microsoft. That's a very good thing, but that's not what we're aiming for. The goal of this group is to form very active discussion groups and find new and better ways to develop software. This group practices the Open Space Technology and encourages people to bring topics to talk about.

First meeting is this Thursday, Dec 13th.

Join the mailing list, and watch for the roaming meeting to reach a location near you in the D.C. / Baltimore metropolitan area.