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Friday, June 29, 2007

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. - Wilson Mizner

Everyone starting a new software development project needs to have some faith. You might have faith in a particular tool, or programming language, or development process, or all the above. I hope you also have faith in yourself, and your colleagues, too, because that kind of faith gives your project a greater chance to succeed than any faith based in methodologies or silicon. At least this is what I believe.

Blind faith can be bad. It's good to occasionally look around with an open mind to see what works for the rest of the world. If you think your choice of programming languages is the best, for instance, go search for criticisms and look at alternatives. You don't have to switch to a new language, and you just might come away with a better perspective on technology and learn a few new tricks.

At least once a year, go faithless for a day.