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Workin' Them Angels

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Does Microsoft have a set of guardian angels? Think of all the killer threats they've seen over the years.

Threats came from Ashton-Tate, IBM, Lotus, and Novell
Then free software, open source, and the viral GPL
Oracle, Google, Sun, and Job's Apple
All four of them fought, and are still here to grapple.

There was AOL, Sony, Netscape, Nintendo
Palm and Symbian both reached a crescendo.
There are Linuxes and Unixes - NeXT and OS/X.
Some even say Vista is a suicide hex.

Bay Staters and Iowans both had their day.
So did the EU, Real Player, and the American DOJ.
People included Ellison, McNealy, and Judge Penfield Jackson.
If Microsoft were England, they'd all be Saxons.

There is the Internet, the web, and the network computers.
Don't leave out Java, or Ruby (with its great set of hooters).
XML, Hypertext, and a ubiquitous script.
They've all come together to give Microsoft fits.

If Microsoft does have guardian angels ... they've been working overtime.