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Now For Something Completely Different

Friday, June 1, 2007

For years, I've owned a note pad where I jot down thoughts. My note pad is electronic now, but the purpose is the same – capture an idea before the current of the day sweeps the idea away. Keeping an idea journal isn't a new concept. Comedians, scientists, writers, professors, inventors, and others have found inspiration in their notes for centuries. My notes have certainly provided stimulation for this blog.

I have a section in my notebook to store "blog-able thoughts". Over the last year, however, many of these blog-able thoughts haven't seen the light of day. I have time constraints, but I've also had reservations. I began to have reservations when I realized more people were subscribing and reading these posts. I felt like I'd be wasting your time if I write opinion pieces and rants, both of which are cheap and readily available on the Internet. I've also purposefully avoided specific topics because I didn't want to contribute to the echo chamber. This reserved approach has turned blogging into a chore, and chores are no fun – just ask any teenager.

I need to shake this blog up, and clear out my notebook.

The tag line on this blog is "Experiments in Writing". When I started, I intended to write about experiments (by demonstrating code that works (or doesn't work)), as well as experiment with writing (by throwing in the occasional comedy, poem, or piece of art). The time has come for a writing experiment. I just picked up the last music CD I purchased, and I'm going to use the track titles as the titles for my next 13 posts. I'll try to match the titles with thoughts in my notebook for some stream of consciousness writing on software development, ala Jeremy.

This was just a fair warning to anyone who doesn't like wasting time on opinion pieces. You might want to check back in July.