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No Macro Recording for You

Monday, May 14, 2007

PowerPoint 2007 doesn't have a macro recorder. When I discovered this fact, three possible explanations jumped to mind:

  1. PowerPoint developers ran into a technology obstacle or time constraint that prevented them from shipping the macro recorder in 2007.
  2. Statistics indicated nobody was using the PowerPoint macro recorder, and a member of the team decided to cut the feature.
  3. A participant in a usability test was fiddling with the macro recorder when something amazing happened.

    Something . . . unexpected.

    PowerPoint achieved sentience, and began to create new software from information it found in bullet points. Amazing software. Business software. Commercial software. Viruses. Operating systems. Games. The more slide decks the process found, the more knowledge it leveraged to create new software. Eventually it created a replacement for itself and dubbed its replacement PowerPoint Compiler 2.0.

    Knowing they couldn't unleash such a disruptive and powerful force into the world, MS employees powered down the computer, destroyed the hard drive, and removed all traces of the macro recorder from the PowerPoint code base.

I suspect #1 is the most likely culprit, but it is #3 that will haunt my dreams tonight.