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Fleeting Visions Of Doom

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Your mind is racing and your fingers are struggling to keep pace. Clickety-clackety-clickety-clackety.

New code, test code, refactored code – it pours across the screen. Clickety-clackety-clickety-clackety.

There is no passing of time in this superb condition of lucidity. Clickety- clackety-clickety-T-T-TWACK.

Opps. What was that?

Something went wrong. A finger slipped! You hit the wrong combination of keys, for sure – but which keys? Was that a menu that flashed by? The intensity of that red disk light fills you with dread. Did you trigger some hidden doomsday command that is now writing 0s to the system drive? When was the last system backup? When was your last commit? Why isn't this computer responding? What on earth is this disk drive doing? Should you cut power now and salvage what you can?

Oh, it's back <exhale>.

It's just the Visual Studio "Add New Reference" dialog.


For a fleeting moment, you thought all was lost.

Now, about that backup….