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Web Client Software Factory - Drop 04

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Web Client Software Factory dropped a new build yesterday. This is the first build I've downloaded. I spent about 30 minutes perusing the documentation and reference implementation, and I am shocked!.

My expectations were to open this package and find yet-another-data-access-layer-approach. Ho hum.

Instead, this factory positions itself to address leading issues in today's web development practices.

Some highlights:

  • The reference implementation uses a model-view-presenter with controller (MVPC) pattern to maximize the testability of code, and centralize control flow and business logic.
  • The docs explain how to implement MVPC using the canonical definition of test-driven development. Write your tests first. Red - green - refactor.
  • The project uses "Page flow". Page flow models a user's path through a multi-page task using a Windows Workflow state machine and custom Page activities.

I plan to spend some more time with the factory and keep an eye on the weekly releases.