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Haack for President

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Phil Haack's blog has been on fire this month. Here is a sampling:

Open Source Is Free Like A Flower
Tiny Trick For Viewstate Backed Properties
Log4Net and External Configuration file In ASP.NET 2.0
Fun Iterating PagedCollections With Generics and Iterators

All great posts, but the pièces de résistance are "ASP.NET Supervising Controller (Model View Presenter) From Schematic To Unit Tests To Code" and "Tying MVP To the ASP.NET Event Model"

I particularly enjoyed the last post. Some people will freak out at the thought of tying the V in MVP to a specific technology. For the business layer and below, the thought is cause for alarm, but model-view patterns are all about testability these days. The generalizations needed to make a view work for multiple technologies are more of a hindrance than a benefit.