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Dear Candidate

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Every so often, I get an email that looks like:

Dear Candidate,

While conducting a search for our client we came across your resume and it appears to be a good match for this opportunity. Blah blah fast-paced blah blah great benefits blah blah and so on.

Using the word "candidate" is not only presupposing, but a sign of laziness. Even the male enhancement spammers can personalize their messages. I'm sure the recruiter will have his pick of top talent with emails like this.

I think I'll reply with the following.

Dear [Recruiter Name],

Thank you for getting in touch about the [Position Name] offer with [Company Name]. Unfortunately, I'm busy on a project that will generate automated responses to mass mail job offers. I'm still working out a few bugs.


[My Name]