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Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm excited to be part of By The Community, For The Community on the ASP.NET site. Go vote for the sample you'd like to see built, and an MVP will build it. If you have any suggestions for future samples, drop me a comment here.

Here is how some of my compadres are spending their time:

Sahil Malik set up shop on a new site: Winsmarts.Com. He's got his blog on and is going to run an ADO.NET boot camp this month.[1]

Bill Ryan has been writing a book for MS Learning and making covert trips to the mothership in Redmond. [2]

Wally McClure continues to smother the world with Wally. Wally in audio. Wally in print. [3]

Frans Bouma just shipped v2.0 of the O/R mapper and generator LLBLGen Pro.[4]

David Totzke is part of the team behind the launch of InfoQ.com - "Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community". [5]

DonXML just shipped XPathMania. [6]

Sonu Kapoor continues to expand the ultra-aggregating DotNetSlackers.

Gavin Joyce launched DotNetKicks.

Great people, all of them.

[1] I've diagnosed Sahil with abdominochoreophobia - a fear of belly dancers.

[2] I'm not sure how many books Bill is currently coauthoring - I think it's around 50. Better him then me.

[3] Oh, and Wally made an Atlas video, too.

[4] I can't say anything about Frans; he'd argue with me and win.

[5] When I think of Dave, I think of Canada - home of the real Smarties (which don't seem to be available here in the U.S.). 

[6] Don has read more Heinlein than anyone I know, which makes him cool.