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Sunday, March 5, 2006

I keep meaning to upload the source code to ShowMeLife. ShowMeLife is an application I’ve used in a couple user group talks to demonstrate Visual Studio 2005 features, like debugging visualizers. A few people have asked for the source.

ShowMeLife is a Windows application that runs in full screen mode. The app displays images from Flickr. I can type in the tags I want the images to have, and the app looks for the photos using flickr.photos.search.

Source code.

You’ll need a Flickr API key to run the app. The API key goes into the app.config file.

        <setting name="Flickr_ApiKey" serializeAs="String">
            <value>Insert your key here</value>

I wrote Flickr as a quick and dirty way to look around the world. Whenever I read stories about Sydney, or Venice, or mardi gras (or any place / event), I like to watch a slideshow of Flickr photos and see what other people are doing in the world.