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Some Feedback

Sunday, January 8, 2006

I received a nice package in the yesterday. The package was from Judy Calla, who was an organizer at the recent Central Penn Code Camp. The package contained 30 session evaluations with feedback on my presentation.

This was the first Code Camp that sent evaluations back to me. I wish more Code Camps could follow up with feedback to presenters. I’m always looking at ways to improve, be it in software, speaking, writing, hitting balls, or home improvement projects with power tools (also known as destruction of property, to those who witness the debacle).

The first place I looked on each evaluation was the “What needs improvement” line. Three people thought I could slow down the presentation pace. Pacing is one area I need to improve. I also need to break the habit of using shortcut keys when doing a demo. From first hand experience I can tell you shortcuts make a demo hard to follow.

Two people dinged me for “demo setup”. This was the second time Virtual PC bit me in a presentation. I’m thinking about using a dual boot setup instead of Virtual PC for future presentations, although these problems only happen when in front of a crowd.