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Design Patterns: A Love Story

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Richard tilted his head to watch the waves push flotsam against the boat hull below. Up and down, the flotsam moved. Up and down.

Richard had an idea.

“Virginia, my dear”, he said to the blond woman beside him. “We’ve been singletons on this ship for a long time”.

“I know, Richard”, she replied. “My mean step-mother, the intercepting filter that she is, denies me time with others.”

Richard paused for a moment, to contemplate strategy. Her father, with his pipes and filters, would return soon, and force them to communicate over his message bus. He glanced aft, and saw no one else around. Richard turned his front controller to face Virginia, and looked her in the eyes. She was close now, and Richard could feel his active record rising.

“Virginia”, he whispered. “There is no observer in sight. Let us run below deck. I want to peel away your façade, and tightly couple.”

“Oh yes, Richard”, she blushed, and leaned towards him. “I want you to give me a dependency injection”.

[Author’s note: I’m sorry. I can’t continue. Shortly after typing the words “give me a dependency injection”, I was overcome by a sudden sickness and fell to the floor in convulsions. Let’s just assume the story has a happy ending, and forget this post ever happened. OK?]