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Power Phases

Friday, September 9, 2005

This morning I was holding on to a precious idea and typing furiously into a remote desktop, when bleeeeeeep – the UPS units kick in and the network goes down. Power outage.

Mood: displeased.

After 15 minutes of rummaging, I found the phone book hiding between a book of salsa recipes and the classic “Joy Of Cooking” hardcover edition. The power was still off, so I started a manual search for the phone number of the power company.

Mood: irritated.

I found the number, but realized my landline didn’t work either. I picked up my cell phone and prepared to voice displeasure at the people who manage the local electrons.

Mood: aggravated.

Just before someone came on the line, I started to feel that perhaps I should be happy to have a roof over my head.

Mood: pensive.

I quietly reported the loss of power at my residence, and was told power would be back in an hour. I went for a stroll in the yard. Nice weather this time of year.

Mood: calm.