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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I’m crushed with some heavy duty projects.

The hours fly by like a compressed binary stream, and I’ve had no time to coalesce ideas into a well-formed post.

I do, however, have a collection of random thoughts I can share. You probably can’t tell the difference between this post and all the rest….


On Monday I met the new marketing director. After shaking my hand he looks at me and says: “I never lie to potential clients – I always check with engineering first to know what we have”.

I’m going to take up an office collection to ship him this book.

Visual Basic really is the ugly step sister

I have one directory with 30,000 C# files (don’t ask). The Visual Studio “Find In Files” command just can’t cope.

Fortunately, the MSN search toolbar can cope. The .cs extension is already included as a default type to index, all I needed to do was add the right directory as custom folder to index.

The toolbar does not index .vb files by default.

Car Names

What’s up with car names these days? I saw a “Prius” in a parking lot last week and for some reason my first thought was of a prostate exam.

Yesterday I saw an “Armada”. I’m not sure why I’d buy a vehicle that evokes images of ships being set ablaze and battered by cannonballs, but I do wonder if the driver wears a naval cap while cruising.

Now, back to the grindstone.