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ASP.NET Themes On A Sunday Afternoon

Monday, August 8, 2005

I was looking forward to softball this weekend. I had a feeling the coach would move me from 3rd base to the shortstop position because our regular guy was out this week, and I was right.

In the 3rd inning I fielded a well hit double play ball. I turned to throw to second when *BAM*. It felt like someone hit me in the back of a leg with a steel pipe. My teammates said I just collapsed.

I remember laying in the dirt thinking “so, this is what it feels like to rupture an Achilles tendon”.

Fortunately, the X-Rays came back negative this morning.

The doctor told me to rest with my feet elevated and a computer in my lap. Ok, he didn’t mention the computer part, but that’s how I had planned to spend my Sunday in any case, though I hadn’t planned on ice packs and Ibuprofen.

To make a long story short, I finished “Themes In ASP.NET 2.0” today. I hope you enjoy the article.