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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I should have grown up to be a researcher. Easy money – no stress.

Take this for example: someone made money doing a survey that discovers the vast majority of men at a nude beach don’t object to seeing nude females.

Well, duh.

As a follow up, the survey team will find out if the majority of people in a steak house restaurant object to seeing medium rare prime rib.

Here is another interesting study: IQ Dips More on Email Than Pot. The study claims that distractions from emails and instant messages make people


Where was I?

Oh, right.

I was wondering how one could measure a change in IQ during periods of high-tech intrusiveness. IQ isn’t like blood pressure, as far as I know – but then I see a lot of email, so maybe I’m getting dumb. Who cares? Let’s chat!

Even if your research doesn’t pan out – just make something up. There is good money in fake numbers.

I’d like to start publishing my own research white papers. I’ve decided to start analyzing raw data at my disposal – like the log files for OdeToCode. Here is a break down of RSS readers hitting the site since July 1.

Name % of hits
SharpReader 38.1%
RssBandit 23.6%
NewsGator 17.2%
OmeaReader 10.4%
RssReader 5.6%
FeedDemon 3.0%
Others < 3%

Based upon these statistics, I’ve concluded that .NET is the only viable platform for building a popular RSS feed reader. I plan to publish these findings alongside some glossy pie charts and sell them to analysts in need of market research.

Who wants to invest?