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TechEd Day 1

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

No, I’m not at TechEd either, but I did keep the keynote webcast open in the background. If you are interested, I’m sure a Google news search will turn up piles of mind-numbing analysis by industry experts who do nothing all day but write white papers filled with pie charts, so I’m not rehashing any content here.

Something did stick out, though. Rather – something was missing in this keynote entitled “The New World Of Work”*

I’m pretty sure there was not one mention of a web application during the keynote. There was talk of smart clients, web services, mobile devices, tablet PCs, Office add-ins, security, and future versions of Windows - but not one mention of a “web app” that I heard.

Will 2006 be the beginning of the end for ASP.NET?

I think so.

*What's with the title? It sounds rather ominous. Is this a technical conference or an Illuminati convention?