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Trouble Pairing?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Having troubles getting pair programming started in your shop?

Do you feel it would be easier to breed giant pandas in captivity then it would be to get Pat and Gunther to program together?

You need the DICA solution!

DICA is a revolutionary new drug manufactured in the best underground pharmaceutical laboratories available, and is guaranteed* to kick start an Xtreme Pair Programming Xperience in your office. For just $99.99 we will send you the DICA Starter Kit, which includes 100 doses of DICA! We are pratically giving it away! Enough DICA for over 800 hours of Xtreme Pair Programming! Just listen to this customer testimonial:

My dev lead called me into the office and told me my coffee was tainted with this stuff he called DICA. I was like, “Are you legally allowed to do this to me, dude?”. When I went back to my desk, suddenly there was my pair partner. He had four arms and we started cutting code like mad. I could see design patterns leaping out of the software. Beautiful patterns ... patterns everywhere.”

-Eddie Flablestick of San Francisco, CA.

Bring pair programming to your company today! DICA is the safe** and affordable way!

Wait! There’s more! Order now and we will throw in a lava lamp for free!

Automated voice ordering systems are standing by!

* Not a money back guarantee
** Side effects can include nausea, increased heart rate, and the manifestation of long lasting psychoses. If pair programming continues for more than 16 hours, consult a physician.