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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Every so often, someone asks me a question about a topic covered in a C# database book with my name on the cover. I sometimes have difficulty answering the question – because I’ve never seen the book.

Last October APress contacted me and said that a book I wrote for the old Wrox company was about to be tweaked and republished. I was told to expect paperwork and copies of the book in the mail. The book went on sale in November. The last contact I had with APress was in February. I’m still waiting for anything to arrive in the mail from APress.

Actually - I’m not really waiting. I went through a waiting phase. Then I went through a phase were I was disappointed in APress. I’m now in a phase where everyone involved can take a big flying leap - because I just don’t care if ever hear from them again. From my perspective, I can only assume the feeling is mutual.

Actually, saying I don’t care is not true either. I do care about anyone who has purchased the book and has a question. The point of this post was to say I will do whatever I can to answer any question about the book.

Just remember - for this specific book you may have to provide me with the sample code or an excerpted paragraph. I have no idea what is inside this edition of the book. I can only hope the book brings joy and enlightenment to every reader, whatever is inside.