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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

This weekend I noticed patterns & practices superhero Ron Jacobs has made the jump into podcasting. His first two shows include an interview with Billy Hollis and a discussion about configuration contexts in Enterprise Library.

A bit later I was looking for local events in the area and discovered Steve Vai is bringing his superhuman guitar playing skills to town. Billy Sheehan will play bass on the tour, and believe me - having this much talent on stage at the same time should be illegal.

You might be wondering why I bring up these seemingly unrelated events.

Well, one of the photos on the right hand side is of Ron Jacobs, and the other photo is of Steve Vai. Both of these photos appear prominently on their respective web sites. One of these guys is known as PAG Daddy, and the other started his career with Frank Zappa.

Eerily similar - don’t you think?