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You Want To Be An Architect?

Monday, January 24, 2005

I was flipping through SDTimes this week and came across the article “Turning Architecture Into a Profession”. The Open Group intends to begin a certification program for software architects.

“While declining to discuss specifics of the program just yet, de Raeve did say architects will have to show they have a body of experience and that they’re capable of deploying an as-yet-undefined set of skills in the delivery of systems architectures in real-world situations. Among those skills are communication, conflict resolution, architecture modeling techniques, and the ability to apply methodologies and elicit shareholder requirements, he said.”

Hmm, conflict resolution.

Do you think there will be a standardized test?

I wonder what such a test would look like…


Section II: Conflict Resolution

Please review each question carefully and select the single, best answer available.

1. Harry says the company needs to standardize on a language with curly braces. Fred says he hates curly braces, and is in the parking lot with a screwdriver threatening to flatten the tires of curly brace fans. What do you do?

a) Give Fred more screwdrivers.
b) Get your car safely out of the parking lot while dialing the police.
c) Take Harry and Fred to lunch and discuss the aesthetics of braces.

2. The CEO has barged into the office demanding the company’s flagship product be “SOA compliant” in time for the next tradeshow. What do you do?

a) Call in a consultant.
b) Have the CEO buy lunch and discuss.
c) Tell the CEO you can get the software to level V SOA compliance, but you'll need a bonus.

3. Jill says the opening curly brace goes on the next line. Jack says the opening curly brace stays on the same line. What do you do?

a) Call a meeting and take a vote.
b) Adjust Jack’s thinking with a heavy, blunt object.
c) Switch to Python

4. Harry refuses to work on the new project because it’s not using domain driven design. Fred is threatening the tech writers with a screwdriver. Jack refuses to write unit tests, and Jill says your architectural diagrams look like the work of a five year old. What do you do?

a) Something is wrong? This is a good day.
b) Start a job search.
c) Lock the door and reach for some of the liquid stress reliever in the bottom drawer of your desk.

This concludes Section II.

P.S. The correct answers were B, B, B, and B.

peter@jonsie.net Monday, January 24, 2005
Hey! You've been reading our recruiting questionnaire!<br><br>Very good :}
Darrell Monday, January 24, 2005
I thought the correct answers were b, c, c, and a. :)
Andy Monday, January 24, 2005
1.) D ( Fire Fred and get somebody that can code in a real language )
<br>2.) C ( plus push back deadline )
<br>3.) Take Jill in back storage room and give her an adjustment over the desks in storage. Mmmm Yummy Jill.
<br>4.) D ( Fire Harry if he won't conform, Fred was fired back in question one so call the cops because apparently he didn't leave, show Jack Harry's pink slip and tell him if he doesn't have unit tests done by this afternoon he's getting one too, Take Jill into storage room and give her another adjustment. Mmmmm Hot D@mn that Jill! )
Bill Wednesday, January 26, 2005
1) I'm with Andy - Fred's gone
<br>2) None of the above - Sir, It already is SOA compliant - however if we want to be trendsetters at the tradeshow - then we need to allocate some resources my directoin
<br>3) Send them in a Room together and tell them that in 4 minutes, I'm coming back and it better be figured out or they'll both be coding in VB6 and will have to use IE2.0 for all of their browsing
<br>4) I already fired Fred but I'd hire him back because he was threatening the technical writers. That's cool. I'd tell Jill that she's right - but what's her point? I'd move harry over to sales, it'd be a match made in heaven. And Jack - well, I'd tell him do as he pleases but we're going to deduct money from his paycheck for the time it takes him to fix a problem not caught by his Regresssion testing.
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