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Friday, December 3, 2004

If you’ve never heard of a company named MEDITECH, it doesn’t surprise me. You might be surprised, however, to know they are one of the largest enterprise-scale software vendors in the healthcare industry. They are a private company and go quietly about their business.

With such a quiet reputation, it was surprising to see their President and COO accept an invitation for an interview. Not just any interview, but an interview with a blogger – and an anonymous blogger no less. You can read the interview over on HISTalk, which always has juicy tidbits about the healthcare IT space from someone in the know.

I had the opportunity to sit and talk software architecture with Mr. Messing earlier this year. I can tell you he is not a fan of the .NET platform. Seeing as how they build everything from scratch (and I mean scratch), this is not surprising. The approach affords them a great deal of independence, but you have to wonder how long one company can keep up.