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I'm Grumpy?

Friday, December 3, 2004

A couple days ago, my editor at Packt sent me an email and described my blogging as “grumpy”.

Wow! I never thought of myself as a grumpy type. I took an informal poll among co-workers and 3 out of 3 people said I did not fall into the grumpy category.

The next day at work, the CEO came in and announced the need for a “get on the same page” type of meeting. The meeting time was 12 noon, and he ordered food to be delivered. The food, he explained (while looking directly at me), was because “some of you get grumpy when you’re hungry”.

Wow! Two accusations of grumpiness in as many days. Sure, my demeanor might change a bit when I am hungry – but it’s just the survival instincts I inherited from my Paleolithic ancestors who killed bison with their bare hands and ate the raw meat.

In the future I plan to start making some very subtle changes in my blog posts. Sometimes just tweaking the environment slightly can dramatically change perceptions. Hopefully you’ll come away with a smile on your face, and not feel you’ve been listening to the rantings of a grump on a soapbox.