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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Richard Morin wrote in the Washington Post:

“…perhaps people will start ignoring the bloggers, who proved once more that their spectacular lack of judgment is matched only by their abundant arrogance.”

This line from the article “Surveying The Damage” spent time bashing bloggers who released early exit poll data on the U.S. presidential race.

I read this line thinking Richard Morin had blogging envy and was taking a few shots at the competition. Then I listened to two IT Conversation podcasts and started to agree. The podcasts were the Election 2004 session from BloggerCon III, and the Gillmor Gang’s interview with eBay tech evangelist Jeff McManus. There was more than one voice in these shows demonstrating a self-important arrogance.

If bloggers can convince politicians to blog, perhaps some good could result. If bloggers want to ram blogging and podcasting down everyone’s throats as the solution to all political, marketing, and business problems, then I don’t think they will get very far.

Poking fun at people who “just don’t get it” doesn’t work either.

Persistence and favorable results do work.

I think blogs are working extremely well in the tech community. I’ve made a number of friends I’ve never met (but hope to), and there is a great community atmosphere. It's passion, not arrogance, which makes it fun.