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Code Camp II

Friday, October 15, 2004

If you are coming to Code Camp 2 this weekend, I hope to see you at my talk Saturday afternoon on integrating SQL Server Reporting Services and ASP.NET. This session is not about designing reports, it’s all about integration: URL access, web services, and delivery extensions. These topics are useful for SSRS integration with any type of application, actually, but the session does focus in on particular points of pain in an ASP.NET environment. I’ve been through the pain, and I can pass along tips to make it easier for others.

At some point next week I’ll get the code examples and slide deck onto OdeToCode.com.

I can’t wait to attend the other presentations and chalk talks, they look great. There are a boat load of bloggers coming:  DonXML, Scott Watermasysk, Kent Tegels, Chris Pels, Carl Franklin, Jason Bock, Robert Hurlbut, Chris Bowen, and Sam Gentile. Who did I miss? There is and even a book swap. Like any camping trip, I'll probably need two days to recover and return to normal life. Not that life is entirely normal all the time.