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Thursday, September 9, 2004
On October 5, 2004 I’ll be talking about the Community Starter Kit for the CMAP .NET User Group meeting in Columbia, MD. I plan to focus in on a couple key pieces of the architecture that can be applicable to ASP.NET applications today and tomorrow. The presentation will stay practical, and I hope to use only two buzzwords during the talk: indirection and virtualization.

To finish the talk I’ll touch on customization and deployment of the CSK, which hopefully doesn’t put everyone to sleep. If it does, I plan to make off with all the free pizza, soda, and raffle prizes before the audience wakes up.

On October 16th and 17th I’ll be at Microsoft’s Waltham, MA facility for Code Camp II: The Return. I have a session to talk about techniques for integrating SQL Server Reporting Services into ASP.NET applications. Although I have not spent much time with the report designer I have spent a fair amount of time investigating ways to hook into SSRS programmatically. This talk will focus on improving the sample report viewer component for use in the real world, and tips / tricks / traps with the web service API.

I only hope my session doesn’t overlap with some of the sessions I really want to see while I’m there, because there is some great looking content and speakers. I also hope this software developer from Boston doesn't show up, because quite frankly, she scares me.

I have a slew of SSRS articles to build from, you’ll probably see more here soon as I work on the presentation.

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