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Wednesday, September 1, 2004
Don Kiely recently pointed to an article on CodeProject with C# code to run a process in a new security context. The code PInvokes CreateProcessWithLogonW, but doesn’t work under ASP.NET.

CreateProcessWithLogonW is one of those tricky APIs that doesn’t pick up and move well from one environment to the next. Unfortunately, there is no way with .NET 1.1 to start a new process under alternate credentials without PInvoke. A spawned process always inherits the token of the creator process, so even if a thread is impersonating when it calls Process.Start, the new process always has the same identity of the current process. The good news is that Microsoft makes it easy in .NET 2.0.

Always approach launching a process on the server with caution. Launching an interactive process or a process under different credentials from a service should usually be avoided. In addition to overcoming all the privilege checks, you also have to deal with windowstations and desktops – not an issue in WinForms programming.

One little note about the code: the call to CreateProcessWithLogonW will fill the ProcessInformation structure with two IntPtr members representing Windows HANDLE types - these should be properly cleaned up with CloseHandle.

Girish Wednesday, September 1, 2004
The KB article brings back memories. The party was on.. it was like 1999..Oh wait, it was 1999 and we were partying on in COM world. Some problems never go away, they just become interesting footnotes of history.
Robert Fidler Tuesday, May 2, 2006
I am trying to run an .exe within ASP.NET 2.0 and need alter the credentials of the process before it runs. This entire thing is above my head but I'm the one within the company that needs to make it happen. My thinking was by altering the credential for this process then return in to the host credential. Will be the only way to run the Process without creating a huge security risk to the server. You'd mentioned that 2.0 make this easy. I've been reading artical after artical. Would you be able to suggest a specific article to help me.

Robert Fidler
Springfield, Missouri
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