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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
I was thinking back today at some of the weird and funny stuff I’ve lived through at startup companies over the years. Someday I should write in more detail about the following:

The FBI raid.

The CEO who, on his last day, managed to cram 1 executive leather chair, 2 desktop computers, a file cabinet, and a bookshelf into a 2 door BMW.

The intern who wore pink teddy bear clips in his beard.

The CEO who painted his toenails the company colors.

The CFO who was amazed to see how Excel could recalculate cell C3 based on the contents of cell C1.

The CTO who enlisted the aid of a software developer in chasing down escaped chickens back at the farm.

What it is like to show up for work at a new company and see the office furniture from my last company being delivered by tractor trailer.

Why I should not be given the opportunity to take the helm of a yacht for any length of time.

What it is like to have a practicing gastroenterologist at the office part time and how this leads to errant phone calls from people describing the odd color of their stool and demanding advice on what to do about it.

The vice president of global sales who drove a different vehicle to work each day yet never made a sale, and why I think this is because he wore Hawaiian shirts and Nikes during appointments at Fortune 50 companies.

Last but not least: Why engineers should not be required to move office furniture when moving to a new building.