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Put De Lime In De Coconut

Monday, June 14, 2004

I’ve had just enough formal training in the culinary arts to be dangerous - not that I have killed any human being with my cooking, but my first try at making mutter paneer was an unmitigated disaster. I have learned that cooking outside of my background of gastronomic experience requires more work than memorizing a recipe at a dinner party.

Still, I push on and experiment. Years ago my mom gave me a bread machine. I made many types of bread: white, sourdough, rye, onion. All wonderful. Then came the evening I experimented with unsweetened cocoa and peanut butter. I left the inedible cooked mass in the back yard for the birds and the groundhog. Nothing would touch it. I’m afraid it eventually biodegraded into the water supply. The same year the Chesapeake Bay crab health index dropped 2 points. Coincidence?

The latest experiments involve a smoothie machine, a gift from my sister who likes kitchen gadgets. I scour the house looking for smoothie ingredients – it’s just sooo easy.

Strawberries. Whir.
Artificial sweetener. Whir.
Ice cubes. Crackle, grind, whir.

500 watts of power pump out a delicious semi-frozen fruit mixture. It’s sooo easy to throw stuff in.

Lime. Whir.
Coconut. Whir.
Pineapple. Whir.

I wonder when I’ll finally screw one up. I didn’t even read the instruction manual or the included recipes.

It’s easier than Visual Studio.

CommandBuilder. Whir.
ThreadPool. Whir.
IDisposable. Crackle, grind, whir.

Doctor! Ain't there nothin' I can take, I say Doctor! To relieve my bellyache…

Dedicated to the doctors of the asp.net forms, with apologies to Harry Nilsson.