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New Longhorn Bits

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Robert McLaws has compiled a list of “things to do” while downloading the latest Longhorn bits, and I may make it through most of them as I still have 5 hours left (not counting the SDK transfer of 380 MB). The transfer rate has steadily been falling from ~ 70 KB/sec to about ~ 20 KB/sec as the evening progresses. I don’t think I will be seeing the installation and setup screen until after a night of sleep. Update: it appears I have downloaded the DDK, not the SDK, as the SDK has yet to appear on subscriber downloads.

Chris Sells points out there will not be any Visual Studio bits to put on this build (M7.2 Longhorn). I might have to grab vi and see if the muscle memory in my fingers can still play :w and yy like the days of old.

Wesner Moise tells us that MSDN has already updated the online Longhorn SDK to reflect the latest build.

Finally, Scoble addressed all the hardware requirement speculators who believe Longhorn will require a creation from the Los Alamos labs to run. I know I’ve been running the PDC bits on what some would consider ridiculously modest hardware – a 1Ghz P3 with 1GB of RAM. Quit laughing! It runs pretty well!