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Bugs, Brakes, and Reporting Services

Thursday, April 8, 2004

I’ve been playing around with the web service API of Reporting Services again and I seem to have stumbled across a little bug. I plan on posting some code soon to show how to programmatically create a subscription – it took much longer to get something to work than I had originally thought and only part of that time was wasted on the bug.

While working on this I downloaded the Reporting Service Documentation Update to help out. I’ve noticed a number of documentation updates for 2004 products released this month (Biztalk 2004 has 1, 2, 3 updates this month). I’m wondering when every product will move to the MSDN style quarterly updates, or something akin to the Office 2003 Online help. Help is easy to update, unlike anti-lock brakes….

If you could pick one brand of vehicle on the road with a “software anomaly” in the braking system, would it be:

a) The Mini Cooper (like Rory Blyth drives)


b) The Cadillac Escalade (like Queen Latifah drives)

My choice would be A, because of course, a Mini would probably sustain more damage in a collision with my mailbox than my mailbox would, but the real vehicle with a brake bug is the Escalade, which could probably drive through the side of my house with no damage to the occupants. Thats 12,329 SUVs to recall.

Ah well, sleep beckons.