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VSLive Day One

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Nothing kicks off a conference like Krispy Creme doughnuts, Bill Gates, and models dressed as airline stewardesses.

Starting to wind down a bit now. Whidbey has had a few hiccups during this day of presentations but has also gotten lots of applause - particularly edit and continue, the hands off HTML designer (no code munging when you switch to designer view) - and the self contained web server (no more FPSE). Everyone anxious to get a copy of the latest bits tommorow. Tons of productivity improvements.

The coolest part of BillG's keynote (besides the commercial - hilarous) - was the overview of Speech Server. It's hard to believe integrating speech will be this easy.

Eric Lippert on stage now talking about talking about VSTO2.

Been a long day - but looking forward to the going to the ballpark tonight and chilling.

Getting Whidbey is great, but who do you have to sleep with to get a Yukon beta???