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Anti-virus technology in XP SP2

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Dana Epp points to an Internet News article stating XP SP2 will include a virus scanner. I can see the controversy coming, as many people will be unhappy about MS bundling more software into the operating system.

I think the move was inevitable for Microsoft. When people refer to your software as a national security threat, even a global security threat, then it’s time to step up and take action.

Let’s face it – anti virus as an add-on product just doesn’t work. When someone walks into BestBuy with $50 to spend, I’m sure the products like Halo move much faster than any anti-virus software. It’s just not human nature to spend money on something preventive when you can buy something fun. Halo has much better graphics then any anti-virus software I've ever seen - the choice is obvious.