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Don’t Download That Source Code

Sunday, February 15, 2004

If you are looking for the leaked MS source code, don’t do it. As John Lettice points out:

…if you are offered unlicensed access you're smart not to even look at it, because simply knowing how the stuff works compromises your ability to produce products independently, and renders you difficult/dangerous to employ in the relevant field.

And later …

Finally, this is very important: if you propose to continue working in the IT industry, and somebody offers you a look at the source, just say no. Remember - if you learn too much about the internals of Microsoft products, you may find yourself unable to work for anybody except Microsoft. Yikes.

This statement is obviously fact. Don Box told us all about COM internals, and guess where he works now? Microsoft. Chris Sells has openly admitted to pumping MS employees for insider information at trade shows. Guess where Chris works now? Microsoft.

Summary: Delete your Rotor source code, uninstall your decompiler. If not, you are a coding time bomb of intellectual property and a target for assimilation.

Don Box Saturday, February 28, 2004
This is an amusing post, but not factual.
<br>Most of my understanding of COM came without source access. I did spend about 3 months in the sources while helping Software AG port DCOM to unix, but that was about it.
<br>I don't think I was &quot;trapped&quot; into going to MSFT. The only real trap was my curiousity and desire to get out of LA...
Scott Saturday, February 28, 2004
Don Box!
<br>Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad you found the post amusing. I hope you could detect the sarcasm directed at The Register. I've since sworn off sarcasm on this blog because nobody seems to pick up on it. Sigh.
<br>In any case, thanks for all the great articles, books, and presentations over the years.
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