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Nifty New Downloads

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I found a few interesting downloads over the last couple days.

The Open Watcom C/C++ compiler 1.2 Get the binaries and source code here. I have not used a Watcom compiler for 10 years but I am curious to peek around the source code. (via Slashdot).

Microsoft has a 45 day trial download for Virtual PC. If you are a dev and not running a VPC of some sort, you probably should be.

For those of you into OLAP:

Creating Large-Scale, Highly Available OLAP Sites is a must read if you are rolling out a mission critical solution with Analysis Services. Many good pratical answers on how to cluster, stage and setup a solid enviornment.

The OLAP Scribe is a Word macro that uses DSO to dump OLAP database metadata into a nicely formatted Word document.