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Login Problems With Crystal Reports.NET

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Richard Dudley takes a look at causes and solutions to the “Login Failed” error message with Crystal Reports.

vajhala Tuesday, September 28, 2004
I am using Crystal Reports for .Net.
<br>I have a windows library application that has the code to call a report and export to PDF format.
<br>I have a crystal report that is told to use trusted connection (Integrated Security) to SQL server 2000 at the design time.
<br>At run time, I only setup the Server and database name.
<br>It works fine when I reference this project in a standrad windows application but the same report fails if I call the service from another web service.
<br>I did set up the web.config file to use
<br>&lt;authentication mode=&quot;Windows&quot; /&gt;
<br>&lt;identity impersonate=&quot;true&quot; userName=&quot;&quot; password=&quot;&quot; /&gt;
<br>So that it passes on the windows NT account instead of IUSER account.
<br>I even veirified the passed user is the correct NT account by writing to event log. I could execute the same SQL stored Proc directly using ADO with trusted connection in the same call. It is just the crystal report that is failing.
<br>From the web serivce, I can call another report that was designed to take the user name and password also and that workes fine when I set the user name, password, server and DB names.
<br>It is something to do with Crystal not behaving properly about trusted connection calling from a web service.
<br>I already spent lot of time on this any any help would be greatly appreciated.
<br>Thanks in advance.
gregor suttie Monday, July 11, 2005
let me know if you find a solution

Peter OConnor Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Why don't you use your own data connection object to get your dataset(s) and pass the XML into your crystal repot.

Simplified How-to:
- Create an .XSD of the data you want for the report.
- Use the .XSD to define your data in the report as alternate data source.
- Retreve the data with your own connection object to return a dataset and pass ds.getxml to the report.
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